Tattoo is a common form of body art and is still a ceremonial rite for several communities worldwide. Each tattoo has its meaning. For some people, it is all about the story they want to keep forever, memories they hold dear, and choices they decided to make at some point in life. For some people, especially with the current generation, it is mostly about looking good. What happens after getting a tattoo? How should you care for your tattoo till it heals, keeping in mind that the whole concept of a tattoo lies in tearing the top layer of your skin and depositing permanent ink on the second layer of your skin? 

Caring for your tattoo ensure that it gets time to heal and under favorable conditions. Failure to do this results in severe infection or tampering with the ink, creating something you will regret for the rest of your life. After being tattooed, it is best to follow the guidelines given by your tattooist. Some of the policies include; 

Covering it up 

covering it will prevent micro-organisms from getting in, causing an infection. The best way to apply some non-scented anti-bacterial cream then following it up with a bandage. Apart from preventing infections, the dressing also ensures that your clothes don’t rub against the tattoo. The dressing is to absorb the excess that will seep out of the spot within the first 10-12 hours. 

Ensure it is clean. 

First, wash your hands with a disinfectant before taking off the bandage. After this, gently take off the dressing and wash off the color slime and blood that would have formed on the torn parts. It is a simple process that requires lukewarm water and soap. Use your fingers to wash it. Any cloth will stick on it. After cleaning it, repeat the first step only this time without the bandage. Pat it dry before reapplying the non-scented anti-bacterial cream. You can clean it twice a day for maximum protection from infections. 

Please keep it away from the sun. Keep the tattooed part of your body away from the sun. The sun, just like hot water, will only hurt and also damage it. Avoid swimming, as this leads to soaking your tattoo. You should keep up the above processes for about three weeks. After the above procedures, you can now sit back and wait for your body to do the magic of healing on the self-inflicted wound. If there is one crucial detail that you should keep in mind, it is never to scratch or peel any part of your tattoo. It could result in you destroying the tattoo structure, removing the color, or getting a severe infection as you will be opening it up, making it look like a fresh wound. 

In case any of the infections persist, such as a change in the smell of the oozing blood, if the swelling continues for more than 48hours, and excessive bleeding, make sure that you get medical attention. 

As you grow, your tattoo will fade away. If you want to make the best of your tattoo, if you want people to notice it, it would be best to apply sunscreen to make it shine The Fall Tattooing of BC