The rise of multiple companies producing similar products has led to a stiff competition between various brands in the market. The brand that is able to create a deep life-long emotional connection with the customers carries the day, therefore, it is left upon the brands to know how do this effectively. If you are perplexed about how to form a perfect rapport with your customers and get to hear them as they also understand your product, look no farther, our agency will sort this all out for you. We help generate a demand  for your products and services through various technics that we shall discuss here. 

Our work methods  

Branded hashtags. After having run an event offline, we record mobile videos which are shared online alongside branded hashtags on twitter that help to keep people talking about the experience, therefore, making the word to spread far and wide. 

Partnerships of with artists. We work with famed artists in Toronto who create fun and excitement for the attendees while they are going about various activities. 

Public participation in decisions. We create live polls for people to participate in when your brand would like to make an important decision that will affect the people in the long run. This ensures that in the end people will not be disappointed with the changes. 

Philanthropic donations. We organize branded philanthropic events where people can come and give small donations towards a particular need, for example, natural catastrophes and famine. We design displays that will make the donor feel as if they gave the real item needed e.g. a blanket instead of money. We coordinate with banks to give receipts to the donors later. All these carry a brand thank you note, creating a lasting emotional connection.   

Conferences. These help to bring together product innovators and consumers for expos and awareness. This works well in case of expos for new products, where the end-users are also given a chance to put in their ideas to the final product, thereby, creating a permanent emotional connection between the customer and the brand. 

Partnerships with other brands. We foster brand partnerships where, by the cooperation of one brand with the other, there is mutual endorsement. A soft drinks company will, for example, partner with a flight company to organize a competition where one winner gets a fully-catered trip to an exotic place with a number of friends.  

Awareness campaigns. If there is a particular change that you would like to notify your customers, we help do that through awareness campaigns done as road trips and also recorded and shared later  on social media platforms. This comes in handy in cases where your brand has relocated or opened a new branch. 


With a long experience in event planning and interaction with customers, we have what it takes t help any struggling company have a long-lasting impression on their customers and prospective ones. All companies have yielded at least 60% increase in the positivity of people towards the concerned brand. WE invite you to have an immersive and lucrative experience with us public relations agency Paradigm