The Pros and Cons of Apartment for Rent Montreal

Meta Description: Of all the cities in Canada, Montreal is the most ideal. With its diverse culture its very attractive and its cost effective. To get a clear picture the articles underlines reasons for and against renting an apartment here. 

A brief intro to Montreal 

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec Province. It is located in Canada. Being the epicenter of culture and art, Montreal is a very attractive place to stay.  

Montreal provides for a nurture of talent. Unlike most cities in Canada the chances of growth are greatly in your favor in this city.  

In Montreal, life is cheap. This makes it ideal for rental apartments  


Rent Is cheap: As compared to Toronto, the price for an apartment of the same type is almost half. Most Individuals have moved into the area due to its accommodating prices. 

Available corner shops for a drink: In most regions of city, there is an available outlet purchase of cold beer. This provides for a good opportunity to unwind.  

Great parks and cycling lanes: The bicycle networks in Montreal have been rated as one of the best in North America. The lanes are secured and are fun to cycle.  

The large parks in the city are good chill spots in times of good weather. Most parks allow drinks so you can organize picnics.  

Amazing culture scenes and relaxed attitude: Montreal is a hub for talent. Musicians and artists come from all over the country and exchange ideas.  

Affordable means of transport: The monthly pass as compared to Toronto is cheaper. On top of that, the transport system covers most part of the city so its easy to move around.  

Lowest tuition rates in Canada: This makes it ideal for students to rent apartments.  

Cheap Electricity: Hydro-Quebec has made electricity cheap and readily available.  

Affordable day care: The reduced contribution spaces has made day care less costly. This makes it attractive for parents to rent apartments in the region.  


Taxes are higher in the region: People in Montreal are losing almost a third of their paycheck to taxes. The advantage of cheap rent is canceled out. 

Winters are cold: The winters in Montreal are long, cold and snowy. For most part the city is in active.  

Barriers in Language: Its hard to get a job without speaking multiple languages. This is a challenge to most people there. 

Traffic and poor infrastructure: The roads are confusing to people who are new to the city. On top of that, they are in poor condition. This is unattractive for a person wishing to rent an apartment.  

Political Corruption and ties to mob: The region has developed a reputation for shady businesses and insecurity due to this. This discourages people who want to rent. 

Poor conditioned and old drainage system: Pipes are over 100 years old and have been poorly maintained. They leak and are unhealthy for residents. 

Montreal is an attractive region to rent an apartment especially as your starting out in life. As an artist or art fanatic, it is the place to be. However, note that it has its challenges so be prepared.