It is puzzling why some seniors will hardly complain about the high rates of payments that are common to people beyond 50 years. This is a phenomenon that is not common to many people of that age. At an age of beyond 40 years, the entire body defense system becomes weak. This only means that such individuals are likely to be attacked by any opportunistic disease that may come by. The good news is that this is not constant for all people in that age bracket. There are some exceptional that are charged low premium rates. The following are the reasons behind this:

Less risky occupations
There are few health hazards that are associated with some white collar jobs. The prevailing working conditions that they are faced with are friendly. All they do is to keep swinging with the cozy chairs, take tea and lunch breaks at given intervals and head home. This means that the chances of them being involved in an accident while at work are dismal. Consequently, the stipulated rates of premium by the term life insurance companies will also below.

Healthy lifestyle habits
While there are people that are strongly addicted to harmful drinking habits, others are addicts of incredibly healthy habits. For instance, there are people that will seldom go a day without doing boy exercises. This contributes greatly towards the health of the entire body system. Therefore, there are exceedingly minimum chances of such people being attacked by diseases indefinitely. Hence, the term insurance company does not feel insecure by covering such people. Similarly, the rate3s that they set will be relatively small.

Female gender
Reliable research reveals that there are higher chances of men dying faster than women. Therefore, in case the applicant is of female hinder, the company considers the odds to be relatively fewer unlike for the males. As a matter of fact, the premium rates of men are always way higher as compared to those of women. Therefore, by being a woman, the applicant is considered to land on the safer side. This is what leads to the low rates of premium payments charged on them.

Normal body weight
During the paramedical test, the insurer?s contact medical specialist can tell whether the applicant has the normal weight or not. This is achieved by comparing the stipulated standard weight of people of the same age and comparing them with the applicants. In case the weight is found to lie within the range of normal weight values, they are rendered healthy. Therefore, they will be charged low premium rates as there are little uncertainties involved.

Young age
Young people are known for their strong body immune systems. To be more precise, the people that are under the 40s are faced with fewer risks of attack by diseases as well as death cases. In fact, most death cases of young people are those that occur as a result of road accidents or other uncalled occurrences. Rarely will the people with fewer than 40 years be diagnosed with abnormal blood pressures, heart problems and other complications that are common with the senior citizens. Therefore, the term life insurance companies have fewer odds to cover. This is what makes them set relatively fewer premium rates for them.

It is worth noting that some of the favorable factors leading to low rates of premiums can be easily be attained through the change of lifestyle. For instance, doing regular exercises has a magical effect in reducing the excessive body weight. At the same time, it relieves stress in the individual thus reducing the high chances of having high blood pressure.