Cheese knives are knives explicitly made for cutting cheese only. Different cheese knives are used to cut cheese in different shapes and sizes. Cutting cheese in different styles is a practice that many cheese consumers enjoy a lot; you need to own cheese knives to do this.  We will look at the top types of cheese knives.

Cutting cheese looks like a manageable activity. Take a kitchen knife and cut your cheese and start enjoying it. Slicing cheese is much more than that since cheese is cut in different sizes and shapes. There are cheese cutting knives that are made for cutting cheese only. The kitchen knife may look strange on a cheese table considering its size, and it is difficult to use it to cut cheese in different styles. If you consider buying one cheese knife or more than one, you need to know that there different types of cheese knives. The knives are of different sizes and functions. Now let see the top types of cheese knives.   

  1. Cleaver knife

It has a solid and hard rectangular blade and a handle, and it is similar to a cleaver. The clever knife is the best type of cheese knife for cutting hard and semi-hard cheese. Cheddar or pepper jack are the most common types of cheese the cheese cleaver is used to cut. The cleaver knife is not frequently used but is very helpful when you have hard cheese.

  1. Chisel knife

A chisel knife is a broad, flat knife with its blade sharp at the top end. It is used to break softer cheese like gorgonzola and blue cheese into pieces and then spread the pieces with its wind sides.  It is also used to cut large, thick cheese into smaller pieces. Among the cheese knives, the chisel knife is one of the most used types of cheese knives.

  1. Cheese fork

As the name suggests, it is not a knife, but it is one of the most used items on the cheeseboard. A cheese fork is used to hold hard cheese when it is being cut with other cheese knives. It is also used when picking the cheese pieces to place them where they are needed. On most occasions, a cheese fork makes your work easier when using the other cheese knives.

Your cheeseboard should consist of different types of cheese knives, and we have seen the top types of cheese knives and how they are used. Considering you want to enjoy every piece of your cheese, styles of cutting cheese make it more enjoyable. Cheese knives are essential to your cheese table, and it would be a good idea to add them to it.